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Life Path Number: 22


If your Life Path number is 22, you should be happy knowing that it is considered to be the most powerful number. If you’re a number 22 then you’ll have great spiritual understanding. You’ll also be intellectual, with a great thirst for knowledge. You have the ability to live a life full of success.

22 is the number of the Master Builder and you’ll have the ability to turn all dreams into reality. You will have the vision and intuitive insights of a number 11, with the practical nature of a number 4. You will tend to be practical to the point where you’ll never know when to relax. Find a balance and you can still achieve greatness whilst relaxing in your private time.

You will be someone who has a natural ability with others. Charming and self-effacing, people will always seek your friendship. You may be too modest at times and that is something that should be addressed. A little confidence and arrogance is needed at the right time.

There are many challenges that you will face as a number 22. You can sometimes become overwhelmed as you have so many ideas and dreams but no idea which path to take. You have a very determined personality, although you may need someone to help you fulfil your dreams

You do have some bad qualities: you can appear to be very insensitive, self-righteous and overbearing. You think that your opinion is the most important.

Many people who are a number 22 will only achieve success when they are well into their adulthood. You will face many trials and tribulations on your way to success, but you will get there as long as you stay focused.

If you’re a Life Path number 22 then you are also known as a Master Teacher. You are endowed with many powers and you have no excuse for wasting your talent. You’re very lucky and in a position where you can achieve everything you want.

As you go through life it will seem as if you have a guardian angel on your shoulder. Whatever you do, you will always be pushed towards your destined path.

You may go through life believing that you need material possessions, but you don’t. Because of your spiritual side, deep down you have a belief that possessions will only weigh you down. This could cause problems as you may have a tendency to splurge, feel guilty, then get rid of everything you own.

As a 22, you’ll be super organised. The one issue, you might try and take control of too many situations and this could alienate people.

As you go through life you must accept the fact that you are a teacher. Whenever you meet people you will influence them. People will always learn something from you and they will always want to be around you, no matter how erratic your behaviour can be.

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