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Life Path Number: 2

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If your Life Path number is 2, you’re a very sociable person, someone who interacts very well with others. You’re a person who is a strong believer in what’s wrong and what’s right. You also know how to keep things in balance – you won’t let one area of your life slip whilst going overboard in another area.

As a number 2, you’re likely to be an extremely sensitive person, as well as being someone who cares deeply for others. You tend to see the best in others, which could mean that you get hurt or let down by giving too much of yourself. Seeing the best in people is fine, but you must also learn to protect yourself against people who could hurt you emotionally. You also want the best for others which could make you an easy target for dishonest people.

You are the perfect person to have around in a crisis as you’re a brilliant mediator. You can look at a problem and find a solution that will keep all parties happy. A person who is a number 2 has a very stable personality, making it hard to ruffle their feathers.

Because of your passion for others you could carve out a successful career in a caring profession. You could become successful working in one of the emergency services, or even as a prison officer.

Sometimes too much passion for others can often leave you with inadequate time for yourself. You can also cause yourself stress by not being able to say ‘no’ to people when you know you should.

A number 2 must keep themselves motivated. You are a very sociable person and you will always need people around you. Isolation is not good for you and it can be damaging to your spirit. It’s also a bad idea to have friends who are very competitive or have a jealous streak. You need people around you who are just as easy going as yourself.

If you surround yourself with the right people, do a job where you can use your excellent interpersonal skills, and find a partner who loves all of your qualities, whilst giving 100% back in return, you’ll live the life you so richly deserve.

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