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Free Rune Readings

Ever wanted to know what the Runes are saying about you? Live Psychics have twelve different free Rune readings, casts and spreads for you to choose from.

Get free rune readings from twelve different rune spreads regarding any issue or situation that you face. Browse the various rune casts below to access your free rune readings. If you like our free rune readings please share this page!

The Celtic Cross Rune Cast

The Celtic Cross

The popular Celtic Cross reading is a ten-rune spread and is intended to shed light on various aspects of your life.
The Loving Cup Rune Cast

The Loving Cup

The Loving Cup Rune Spread is a reading that helps to explore matters of the heart, love and relationship issues.
Past, Present & Future Rune Cast

Past Present & Future

The Past, Present and Future reading is a three-rune forecast and will shed light on what is, what was and what is to be.
Daily Rune Cast

Daily Rune Cast

For answers to simple questions use Odin’s Daily Rune Reading for an insight in to how you should make your decision.
The Persona Rune Cast

The Persona Cast

The Persona Cast is a five-rune cast that is used to explore your personality and present state of mind.
The Planetary Cast

The Planetary Cast

The Planetary Runes Cast is an eight-rune cast that explores various aspects of your life’s current state.
The Vee Spread

The Vee Spread

This is a seven-rune cast that focuses on actions, results, feelings of others and obstacles you may face along the way.
Thor's Cross Rune Cast

Thor’s Cross

Thor’s Cross is a five-rune cast reading that explores answers to questions about your life in general.
The Tree of Life Rune Cast

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life Rune Spread is a reading that explores the essence of your life in general.
The Runic Diamond Rune Cast

The Runic Diamond

The Runic Diamond Spread is a reading that helps to explore general questions that you require answering.
The Career Mirror Rune Cast

The Career Mirror

The Career Mirror is a six-rune cast that will help you get an insight in to matters that affect your work, career and business.
Odin's Rune Cast

Odin’s Cast

Odin’s Cast is a reading that explores your distant and recent past, the present and your near and distant future.
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