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Death (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Death (reversed)
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Death (reversed) Meaning - in General

When Death is presented reversed, it will often indicate change. The changes are those which will likely come soon to the life of the querent. They are far less intense in nature than anything read by the card in its upright position. Again, it must be repeated that energy surrounding you at this time will not be only destruction or change; it will be these things followed closely by renewal. Nearly without exception, if a door does close, another will certainly open. Have the courage needed to leap through.

Death (reversed) Meaning - in Love

The upright and reversed meanings of these cards are similar, yet again. If you continue to hold on to a relationship in which you are greatly unhappy simply because of a fear of leaving the familiar and you can't stand being alone, you are honestly not doing anyone any favors. However, if the card presents itself in reverse, issues will likely be much LESS than if this card presented upright. Regardless, it will still be helpful to engage in an honest, frank discussion if you find yoruself currently in a turbulent relationship. If neither of you won't or can't make changes, maybe the time is right to let go. Be brave and take the chances necessary to leave the relationship. You will find a partner who is better for you. First, you must face issues and try fixing them, remembering that not every relationship can be fixed. Do not be too hard on yourself though. You will realize when the time is right to move on. If you happen to be single, you may need to transform your image of self. You may need to increase your own self esteem before love will present itself to you. Think about it.

Death (reversed) Meaning - in Work

Perhaps you are dealing with some subtle dissatisfaction surrounding your work life. This card appearing in reverse will mean that you should not ignore these low-lying feelings. In fact, you should review these feelings and give them some serious attention. Consider why you are feeling this way and what there is to do about those feelings. Do not blame others for these feelings. As with its upright partner, this card signifies that you will benefit best with a completely new field. If it interests you, make a leap at this time, and believe that it is possible for you.

Death (reversed) Meaning - in Health

When the Death card appears in reverse during a health reading, it is essential to get your stress level under control. Without controlled stress levels, your health will not remain good. If there are issues in your health which you are treating yourself, it may be time to visit a medical doctor. Do not wait. The issues will probably not be major. You will wonder why you didn't take care of this well before now.

Death (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

There might be a few changes in the financial aspect of your life if this card is pulled. Do not be scared, just become quite prudent over when, how, and where you will use those resources. If your finances take a downward spiral, it will not be forever. Do what you need to do and it will right itself. Do not expect opportunities to arise without significant work.

Death (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

If this card presents itself in any context or configuration, it is specifically important to reap an attitude of positive thought. Even though you may be in the throes of a deeper depression, you must realize that it will pass. Its passing will be less painful and quicker when you call for help. Do not move against change. Feel what you will, but avoid dwelling over sorrow or pain. If you find yourself needing assistance pulling away from loss and pain, find someone who will help. Humans do not suffer endlessly. It may seem there is nothing but the physical; but there have always been ways to get better mentally. Take the right steps and assist while others find their way. You can offer more than you know.

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