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Death Tarot Card Meaning

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Death Meaning - in General

Receiving the Death card signifies the end of a particular chapter of your life and the beginning of something new. This doesn't have to be negative - it could signify positive changes. So long as you are accommodating and accepting of the changes that are coming your way, transition will be easy and pleasing. Putting up too many hurdles in your life is pointless as you'll only waste valuable time. Beware of a person who'll try and con you out of some money, or a possession that holds great importance.

Death Meaning - in Love

If you continue to cling to a particular relationship in which you are truly unhappy because you are afraid to change, or due to a need to not be alone, you are not doing your partner your yourself any favours. Have an honest, frank discussion about what's wrong in the relationship, and if no one is willing to make changes, then it may be time to let each other go. If you are brave enough to walk away from the security within the relationship, you will find a new one which works better for you. First, however, you must face the current issues then try fixing them. Realize that not every relationship has a fix. Don't beat up yourself up over it for long. You will quickly learn when it has been enough time.

Death Meaning - in Work

If you dislike your work or find yourself "underemployed," but you feel stuck in your station due to a steady income, there may be a way in which you are forced out. In the end, this would be for the "greater good" in your life, but it would be better to leave for your own reasons. It may be most beneficial to completely change fields. Make the change. Believe in yourself.

Death Meaning - in Health

You must keep your level of stress at a manageable level if you hope to keep your health good. Deal with every issue which may arise physically; never try using avoidance. Get plenty of rest when you can and do not use too much alcohol or foreign substances. If healing is necessary, seek it on both spiritual and literal planes. Singles especially need to seek ways to be touched physically; hugs, massage, etc, are certainly the way to keep you sane and healthy.

Death Meaning - in Finance

When dealing with finances, there may be some sacrifices to make. You will be able to do this. Do not hesitate to ask for necessary help. You will never suffer or struggle alone. The situation should not make it to that point. It is possible, however, that you will deal with involuntary income loss as the job duties may become cut or you may lose money in stocks. Try not to avoid the reality of the situation if this does happen. Find out what the situation involves, face it, then do whatever needs to be done to move forward. In the end, your profit will be great from the lessons learned. You will do fine.

Death Meaning - in Spirituality

Cultivate an attitude of positive thoughts. Even when you find yourself in the middle of the darkest night, it will soon pass. Do not work against change. Allow your feelings to flow, but avoid dwelling on sorrow and pain. Reach out to others if you find yourself needing help pulling away from negative feelings. There will always be someone who is willing to help, even when you feel the most alone. There are more people who truly care for you than you realize.

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