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Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Cups
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Eight of Cups Meaning - in General

The Eight of Cups card is a sign that there are many areas of your life that need improving. Outside forces have caused you to feel lost and isolated, which will get worse over time. Things can certainly be transformed for the better, so long as you're willing to make serious changes. The first step is to stop becoming distracted by unimportant issues. You also need to stop allowing your emotions to threaten relationships with other people. Use this period of your life to find the right focus and balance, before restarting forgotten plans.

Eight of Cups Meaning - in Love

You might make the decision that your relationship will soon end. If this is a definite for you, know that the right time won't come. You just need to do it. Don't go straight for someone new - you need your own space first.

Eight of Cups Meaning - in Work

Currently, your job might not work for you. Probably, you feel under-appreciated or bored. Look over every option. Should you stay and try to repair things, or should you find a new job? Either decision will be best for you. Nothing will change if you don't take action though. If you find yourself unhappy, look over the changes needed to return you to happiness. Take action and do what needs to be done to bring joy into your life.

Eight of Cups Meaning - in Health

Stress just might be a great cause of bad health at this particular time. Make sure to pay close attention to sleep, exercise and diet. Stay positive.

Eight of Cups Meaning - in Finance

If your current work situation has you feeling terrible, don't allow that steady salary to hold you down. Of course, research what you will do before you quit. There are great concerns over what to do if you don't have a job. However, if you use planning and pay attention to every detail, you will do what you truly want to do. Just make sure to have the best laid plans.

Eight of Cups Meaning - in Spirituality

Time alone might be in demand. Insist it happens for you. You will benefit from alone time, and from listening to your inner voice.

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