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Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Pentacles
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Eight of Pentacles Meaning - in General

The Eight of Pentacles generally means that you need to start moving your life forward as there is a lot to accomplish right now. You have the experience and skill needed to succeed in a particular area for which you have a real passion. Keep your goals clear and make sure to apply yourself fully, using everything you have learnt throughout your life. Be patient and build slowly as - for you - this is the key to lasting happiness. You can easily create a wonderful future so embrace every challenge.

Eight of Pentacles Meaning - in Love

If you have a love right now, either your workload or your partner's will interfere with your relationship. Make sure you create space and time for each other no matter what else you are doing. If you don't, you will suffer. If you remain single, this card tells you that you are focused in on money too much and your career to leave time for love. Look over those priorities and make time for it - if you want it.

Eight of Pentacles Meaning - in Work

If you continue to look right now, this card might mean you are to be hired somewhere that will test those skills. It will be demanding. Keep the faith and know you can do whatever is asked of you. If you work right now, you will find that you have a lot more tasks and responsibilities, but you can do them very well. If you need help prioritising, ask. Be realistic about what you can do.

Eight of Pentacles Meaning - in Health

You might have to initiate some action if you want your health to improve. Even though your situation might be really bad, certain things can be done for you to assist yourself. Think over these things then do them. Remain positive.

Eight of Pentacles Meaning - in Finance

This card might mean that you are getting financial assistance for which you wait. Don't throw away the resource though. Circumspect and use caution. Consider the long term. Your money now is due to work and not luck.

Eight of Pentacles Meaning - in Spirituality

Reconsider spiritual life as it is intertwined with work life even if you don't have that traditional career. Why do you do that job? Are you growing within it? When you read more about spirituality, you benefit more. Look over systems that don't match yours.

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