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Eight of Wands (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Wands (reversed)
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Eight of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in General

This card implies that you need to slow down and take stock of everything around you. If you are rushing ahead with business plans, then the Eight of Wands in reverse is a clear sign to stop and restart from the beginning. You may be frustrated because your plans were put on the back burner due to outside forces. If this is true, accept what has happened and leave it in the past. If you try and move too quickly to make up for lost time, all you will do is make mistakes which will have to be rectified later on.

Eight of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Love

In a love context, if this card comes to you, be careful for jealous pangs, no matter the status of your relationship. Jealousy helps no one, nor does it prove love. Remain self-sufficient and self-possessed.

Eight of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Work

Arguments and disagreements might be in abundance at work at the appearance of this card. You or others at work are really putting too much into what you do to watch petty arguments tear your work apart. Think twice, go somewhere to cool off and stand back. If you happen to be searching, sadly, a delayed decision might slow the process. Use patience and understand that everything will be as it should be.

Eight of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Health

Again, if this reversed card comes up related to health, calmness and patience are essential. Anxiety and fear will not be good for your health. Send yourself plenty of love and healing, despite any potential issues within your body. Do not be afraid of worst case scenarios; you might suffer over that which will never actually happen.

Eight of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

This reversed card, same with its upright partner, advises some thinking over the long term and patience in the areas of money and finances. Nothing is completed over night, this includes your long term security. Breathe deep and hold tight.

Eight of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

This reversed card tells us we need to have determination, cooperation and focus on each level, especially spiritual levels. Energy easily leaves you right now. Get grounded to the best of your ability and find time to contemplate and remain still. Remember that you aren't able to do everything. You're not a super hero.

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