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Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands Meaning - in General

If the Eight of Wands comes to you, it's a clear signal that decisions need to be made quickly. Opportunities are coming your way and they'll be lost with indecision. Don't allow yourself to become distracted by unimportant issues. This is the time to change your life, so clear your mind and gain focus. This card can also indicate that a partnership will soon end. You've been with someone for a long time, though, you're questioning your relationship due to their reluctance to commit to your needs. Ask yourself if this person is right for you.

Eight of Wands Meaning - in Love

If a love question is asked and this card appears, you might be ready for that commitment but it just isn't happening. Again, don't push because the other person might not be where you are right now. You won't get what you need by forcing it. Use distractions and wait for that love to return to you. It will come back tenfold.

Eight of Wands Meaning - in Work

Most likely, you wait for decisions to be made by someone else. There is a high chance that outcomes will happen to be positive, but avoid pushing others if they aren't ready. Use patience. The dam will come loose soon, but only if you let it be.

Eight of Wands Meaning - in Health

Perhaps you wait anxiously for some test results. Perhaps you want information regarding a specific health issue and what it means. Move one step at a time, be positive, and understand that answers might take some time. Stand up for yourself, be sure to ask all your questions, and educate yourself. Your healers possess many different patients beside yourself. You are only worried for you. Keep pushing forward and most likely, everything will be okay.

Eight of Wands Meaning - in Finance

Nothing seems to be happening in finances. Now is the wrong time to accept speculative investments for the short term. Look for the long term because finances are fluctuating. Save your pennies. Watch that spending. Patience is imperative.

Eight of Wands Meaning - in Spirituality

For many people, patience might be that difficult lesson in spirituality. However, if this card comes to you, it signifies a clear signal to practice any issues that need attention and patience. Use meditation because it will help. If you have trouble being still for twenty minutes of meditation, that's okay - try smaller bursts. Stillness is often followed by peace. Find the peace.

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