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Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Cups

Five of Cups Meaning - in General

The Five of Cups card is a sign that your mind, body and soul may be in a dark place. You've taken someone important for granted and now that person has gone. This relationship could be salvaged but you will have to change your lazy attitude. This card can also signify the loss of a business or valuable possession. Realise that every single person will suffer loss in their life. You can allow yourself to become consumed by negative thoughts, or you can pick yourself up and fight whatever comes your way.

Five of Cups Meaning - in Love

A relationship which you are currently having might have ended recently or might be ending soon. You need to come to the realisation that it's not the end of the world. Allow yourself to have space and time - get out again. A day will soon come when you know that the relationship needed to end to get you in a good place - in a love relationship which truly works.

Five of Cups Meaning - in Work

If you happen to be searching right now, don't worry too much over any delays. Jobs which require resumes and applications are just moving a little slower. Advocate for yourself but don't push. If this card comes to you over work questions, it might mean that your job is wrong for you. Look over what you really want to do then make it come to you.

Five of Cups Meaning - in Health

It is crucial to maintain that positive attitude right now. If you have a hard time letting go of what others have done, seek help to move past it as fast as possible. You will find yourself to be in more pain if you let it bother you. Stay in the present and focus on your future.

Five of Cups Meaning - in Finance

Worrying over money might have an opposite effect for you and what you want to happen. You want more monetary flow - this being said, you want it to come to you. You should be more generous. It's likely that things aren't as bad as you think. Hand out to some sort of cause to make yourself feel better.

Five of Cups Meaning - in Spirituality

It is essential right now to consider forgiveness. You never give out forgiveness for the benefit of someone else, you do it for your own peace of mind. Holding in pain and anger will poison your spirit. Think about this: while you spend your time in anger, the person who caused you pain has moved on. Let it go and make your own good times.

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