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Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles Meaning - in General

The Five of Pentacles indicates that you may feel inadequate in many areas of your life. Finances could be a real issue at this time, although money problems can always be solved. If you feel lost and alone then you must change the way you live. You may have the wrong outlook on life because of a physical condition that causes you to feel as if you're getting in the way. Help and support is available, from multiple avenues, although you will need to take the first step to transform your life.

Five of Pentacles Meaning - in Love

The Five of Pentacles isn't all that happy in the area of love, sadly. You might be interested in someone who isn't treating you very well. It might be the time to stop thinking about that person. This card means you feel very alone right now. You need to keep in mind that there isn't just one person meant for you. Love comes at the right time and you won't need to work extra hard for it. Make more friends and keep positive. Someone will love you.

Five of Pentacles Meaning - in Work

Work is either a burden or it isn't coming for you if you draw this card, and perhaps you feel stuck where you are. Understand that it's not necessary for you to stay in any situation that isn't healthy - learn to believe in yourself. The universe will change and other things will come to you. There is no reason to do it all alone. If you desire a new work spot, ask around. Keep the faith and things will improve.

Five of Pentacles Meaning - in Health

Because of other things that stress you right now, small issues in health might be blown up to be bigger than they actually are. Make sure you get a health check, even if money is an issue for you. Do what you can to care of yourself. Use relaxation and meditation if necessary, even for very short periods of time.

Five of Pentacles Meaning - in Finance

You may feel as though all is lost with regard to money. Take a deep breath and re-think. You are not all alone with no help, even if you don't know anyone in your immediate surroundings. Reconsider things, skills, and situations, that you may have dismissed. If you need financial help, don' t be too proud to ask for it. There is always something that can be done to put food on the table. This period is temporary. Be sure you are getting good, workable advice.

Five of Pentacles Meaning - in Spirituality

Keep in mind that there is nothing that can, or will, be forever, especially if now is a hard time for you. Remember, too, that our reality is that everyone is connected. If you let another person help, you have received a blessing. Don't attempt to do it all. Keep the faith. Things are improving.

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