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Five of Wands (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Five of Wands (reversed)

Five of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in General

Receiving the Five of Wands is a sign that you need to start believing in yourself. You'll be faced with a problem - a problem that will try and drain every ounce of confidence that you have. Unless you can trust your own abilities you'll soon be defeated. In the past, you would always fight your corner, but you have changed over the years. You've allowed the weight of the world to drag you down and you've lost your faith in other people. Unless you're willing to stand-up and be counted, your life will be meaningless.

Five of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Love

If you have that commitment right now and this card is reversed, something that seems like conflict on the outside might actually become a benefit to you and your love, as long as you both fight fair. You will begin to learn much more about each other and the self, and the air will clear. If you happen to be searching, perhaps there is someone who you hope to be with but they seem to be staying stagnant. Remember, that reluctance from them is due to their issues, not due to you. Do you truly want to be with that person? Then practice patience.

Five of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Work

Disputes at work might pop up if this card comes up while you are employed. If this happens, remember to calm down and be rational. Avoid any arguments as best as you can. Be sure and double check that you are protected - this means you need to document your actions. Keep trails of paper, make sure there are witnesses around in heated discussions, and take other precautions where you can. If the search for work continues for you, don't let the competition bother you. You offer some great talents. Remain positive.

Five of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Health

This card reversed might mean that there is physical pain with which you need to deal with (If this is true, the pain was there well before your reading). Do not ignore the pain or allow the doctor to ignore it either. There might not be any red flags to explain the pain, but it is still real. When it goes unrelieved, the quality of your life is reduced. Insist to be taken very seriously and take necessary steps to help with the pain. Changes in diet might help. Massage and heat might help as well.

Five of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

If money is tight at this time, you need to reassess any assumptions you have. Perhaps you have been assuming that nothing can be done to cut expenses to gain more funds. Maybe you think you can't earn more or gain more return on investments. Reconsider this. Step outside the situation and look again. If you were someone else, what advice would you offer yourself?

Five of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

Understand that your growth spiritually need not be competitive. If this card appears reversed, others might be attempting to sway you to grow differently - such as in one direction or at a different speed. Understand again that this type of growth might mean accepting contradictions. Grow comfortable within a paradox.

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