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Four of Cups (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Cups (reversed)

Four of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in General

Receiving the Four of Cups in reverse is an indication that this is a time for moving projects forward. If you're currently suffering from a lack of confidence, then this needs to be addressed. Don't worry so much about what others think of you, as this will lead you to waste large chunks of your life. Be strong and don't allow anyone to knock your beliefs. New opportunities will give you the chance to meet like-minded people and clear you mind of all negative thoughts. Remember that you're the most vital tool for changing your life.

Four of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Love

You might be prepared to get over your past ghosts - finally! You will look forward to a happier future. Look over what you truly need right now. Never look back again.

Four of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Work

At this time, you might be finding the oomph you need to remove yourself from that job that you despise. Go for it! Grab life by its head and believe you can do it.

Four of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Health

If you get this card reversed in health questions, it is trying to tell you that it is the time to go for those positive health care changes. Look over yourself and see if you need a better diet or better exercise. You also will need to see a doctor if you've been skipping your check ups.

Four of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

If you start looking around, you might notice some new opportunities. Explore these. You have some great motivation right now to get what you need. Believe in yourself and use plenty of follow through.

Four of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

This card reversed communicates that you will finally come out of that rut and this is great for you. Remain positive and explore different methods of learning regarding spirituality. Look for writers and speakers who have that message spiritually, then find out how it relates to you. You can do things differently than others around you.

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