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Four of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Cups
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Four of Cups Meaning - in General

The Four of Cups card indicates a period of confusion. Your future plans have become muddled because you allow too many outside forces to influence you. Get your life back on track and put more trust in your own thoughts and ideas. Buy a diary and start to write important things down. Although your emotions are going through the mill, this is not a time for self-pity, and it is certainly not a time for temptation. Allow good energy to flow and walk an honest path, as this is where true happiness lies.

Four of Cups Meaning - in Love

Look over yourself very closely. Are you remembering to stay realistic regarding love? Is your heart being held against all others or on that person who is not going to work for you?

Four of Cups Meaning - in Work

You might not like the job that you do, but it pays the bills. Remember, no one ever feels truly trapped.

Four of Cups Meaning - in Health

Focus only on positive things. If there are some physical issues, keep in mind that your health has the ability to change. Look closely at your exercise and diet routines. Make the time for what heals you. You might need to find the help of someone else to help you get through this.

Four of Cups Meaning - in Finance

Concentrate on those strengths - on your current possessions and abilities. Let go of what you cannot complete or what you don't possess. If you don't happen to be meeting your goals financially, start creating very specific plans and goals to get yourself there. Lay out the necessary steps for success. Look over your finances and hit it head on. It will help.

Four of Cups Meaning - in Spirituality

Using wishful thinking will really pull on your spiritual energy right now. Don't get caught up in feeling sorry for yourself or wishing you had more. Look at what you do have and know that it is beautiful. Remain grounded and constant - live in the now. If you aren't able to write down a journal of what makes you happy, at least make a quick list of what you appreciate. You will feel better spiritually.

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