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Four of Wands (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Wands (reversed)
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Four of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in General

If you receive the Four of Wands in reverse it could mean that carefully laid out plans will fall apart - possibly involving a new business venture. Although you have planned everything as well as you possibly could, you have failed to notice certain flaws in your thinking - due mainly to the fact that you have no impartial advice coming in. Self belief is a good quality, although, not when you are taking such a risk. Go back to the beginning, don't give up, and seek help from a person with great intelligence.

Four of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Love

This card is indicative of a relationship becoming more committed very soon. This might mean marriage. If you happen to be single, a special event might be coming up to which you are invited. Make sure to go and have a good time. Your life partner might be waiting for you there.

Four of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Work

When this card appears in work related questions, work is moving along smoothly for you. Efforts need to continue, however, as the work is never done. Compliments are coming; accept them with grace and share credit where necessary. No one person is self-made. We all have help.

Four of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Health

In the aspects of health, this card tells us that all news looks great. There is much to rejoice over and give thanks to, no matter what status your health is in. Focus on the good and stay positive. Positive thinking directly leads to good health.

Four of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

Undoubtedly, you've been working quite hard to create that safety net at the appearance of this card. Your achievements are great and investments are quite secure - as much as they can be at this time. Take a short break from your efforts. Nothing will give full security as everything changes.

Four of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

You are able to feed your spirit in any way you believe is right and disregard the remarks of other people around you. Most likely, you will find new spiritual secrets about yourself at the appearance of this card reversed - these news secrets will be very uplifting and positive. Perhaps a different discipline is in order - try tai chi or yoga. There might be some positive, overwhelming new growth in it for you.

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