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Judgement (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Judgement (reversed)
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Judgement (reversed) Meaning - in General

The Judgement card in reverse gives warning that, at this particular time, you need to pay close attention to many aspects of your life. Make sure that all of your affairs are in order, paying special notice to your finances. If you're self-employed, make sure your accounting adds up. You will regret mistakes that are not rectified. Be wary of people who are making decisions for you, especially anyone who doesn't have your full trust. If you have allowed too many people into your private affairs then this is something that has to be changed.

Judgement (reversed) Meaning - in Love

A reversed Judgement card still indicates a make it or break it period for the existing relationship. Yourself and people surrounding you might be going through a change. Do not hold on to any status quo. For those who are searching for a relationship, or if the Judgement reversed is drawn regarding a love interest, a new love relationship might be in the works. You may still need to work hard to ensure there are no rash decisions, either negative or positive, regarding this newest love. Keep it steady and go slow.

Judgement (reversed) Meaning - in Work

If a querent draws a reversed Judgement, then things might change in the workplace. If you like the job and want to stay, behave as if you were being watched every moment of the day. It is essential to exert extra effort during this time. The end news will most likely be great, if you do your top notch work. If you've become lazy and unproductive, realize that you need to get it together now. There will be permanent career damage done if you don't change your ways. However, if you do lose your job - and the change may have been coming well before you saw the Judgement card - understand that something better is coming for you. Take the situation step by step.

Judgement (reversed) Meaning - in Health

When this card is pulled in reverse and connected with issues in health, it is a clear signal that you need to accept that you will make mistakes. You will find that you are wrong on occasion, and this will take you far in your path to healing. Judgement reversed reminds you to not fight changes. Place the past in the past and accept that it is gone. Let go of any anger to help your physical being improve. Think positive thoughts.

Judgement (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

Avoid beating yourself up over finances. Simply take each situation as it comes. If decisions have been previously made, but it is not your desired direction, look for an alternate. There will always be more options than just one and always more people than just a few to help accomplish any goal. It is very important to practice flexibility at this time, especially if things don't seem to be going your way.

Judgement (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

The reversed Judgement card will again remind you that you need to remain open to fresh experiences and ideas. Remember that change is constant.This does not mean for you to change it all rashly, and reject the spiritual practices which bring you comfort, only that reviewing different and new approaches will benefit you. The benefits are unimaginable right now. You will not gain the benefits until you open yourself up for change.

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