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Judgement Tarot Card Meaning


Judgement Meaning - in General

The Judgement card is a clear indication that you need to start taking account of matters at hand. You are faced with a life changing decision and it's something that you should decide with a clear mind. Taking projects forward is very important to you and you need to discover if others are on board. If these people do not share the same beliefs as you, then it is time to close these doors of negativity and open up the doors that will take you towards a better future. You can easily achieve everything that you want by yourself.

Judgement Meaning - in Love

If you are now with someone, this will be a period of making it or breaking it. At this time, be extremely clear regarding your life desires and what you need in relationships. Take the necessary steps to get those things. If you continue to look for love, then it may be coming in the very near future. You may, however, need to complete certain steps to assure that you do not jump to positive or negative conclusions about the person. Go slow and be steady.

Judgement Meaning - in Work

Your specific efforts are becoming noted. At this time, it is essential to pay extra attention to the details of your job. The results are most likely positive. If you have been attempting to try hard and do the best you can do, those efforts will begin to bring good things to you. If you have been lazy or non-productive, it is time to stop that. Get on board with work before your laziness damages your whole career.

Judgement Meaning - in Health

At this time, it is essential that you let go the past wrongdoings, whether perceived or real, that happened to you, especially if there are chronic issues in your medical history. Releasing the deep need to always be right about everything will stretch far and will help you begin to heal. Remember, the person who did wrong owns that. Learn to let go because you can. Think in a positive light.

Judgement Meaning - in Finance

Contracts and money are definitely coming to you at this time. Finances will be positive, and an important improvement is headed to you. Do not violate laws or speed right now, or you will wind up with heavy insurance rates and tickets. Use plenty of caution.

Judgement Meaning - in Spirituality

You might discover yourself exploring spiritual directions and ideas which you never would have considered previously because they were not appealing before. Further, you might discover more wisdom and truth than you thought you would. Be very open for newer experiences and ideas. The openness will benefit you like never before. You won't know until you try.

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