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Justice (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Justice (reversed)

Justice (reversed) Meaning - in General

If you receive the Justice card in reverse, you're someone who is walking a very thin line between right and wrong. You will soon face difficult issues unless you change your behaviour. Getting ahead at work through dishonest tactics will eventually catch up with you, leaving you in a worse position then we you started. The people closest to you can see what you're doing, although, they have kept quiet. This will change when your actions have an effect on their lives. This is the right time to take on a project where people rely on your honesty.

Justice (reversed) Meaning - in Love

If Justice is drawn in reverse in love's context, it will be quite important to look carefully over what you bring to the relationship. Perhaps you feel treated unfairly as this card makes an appearance, which may be true, however, remember that unfair treatment does not happen in vacuums. Consider how you may have given contributions to any difficulties or situations, if you have a relationship. When a single person draws this reverse card, understand that you might feel ready for that committed relationship, but you might also be blocking yourself from finding it. As an example, if you eagerly make changes within yourself to fit better with someone else, you might have to build a stronger self and bigger boundaries before loving, true, committed relationships will form. Meditation over this issue will help greatly.

Justice (reversed) Meaning - in Work

When Justice appears in reverse related to questions about work, it may be true that you are not being treated fairly at the workplace. Sadly, it may be that you can't do much about it right now. Think logically and critically about the happenings, but do not let emotions control the situation. Even though it is reversed, the card holds a warning to balance your life and work worlds. Are they balanced properly? If there is extra emphasis on one, the other will be wrong. Look for advice before jumping into major working life changes. Things are unfair, however, a fix may mean a longer term solution over creating arguments or leaving. Take it slow.

Justice (reversed) Meaning - in Health

The reverse Justice card still reminds us to remain in this moment when it is drawn under questions of health. Pay close attention to that life balance and concentrate on how we are accomplishing this. Maintain moderation; it is essential to living healthy, sensible lives. Now is a great time to look for advice from those who are experienced if you might be having issues with health. Different healers may also be in order.

Justice (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

When reverse Justice shows up in money matters, do not gamble. Now is a bad time for that. Be prudent and cautious when it comes to money. Be especially careful with cash. Watch where it goes and who can get to it. If it happens that you are currently waiting for answers to financial questions and issues which are coming from without the self, you will have to continue to wait. Have patience.

Justice (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

This time is the time to concentrate on becoming grounded and centred, no matter what else may be happening or if you are being treated unfairly. The sense of mistreatment and anger will not help at this time. If you truly are having a hard time with life's challenges at this time, you might enjoy the current Dalai Lama writings inspirational and helpful. Increase compassion for your surrounding world and yourself. You are certainly not being chosen to be tormented.

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