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Justice Tarot Card Meaning

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Justice Meaning - in General

The Justice card indicates that this is a time for balance, harmony and fairness. If there are debts to settle, then this must be your top priority. Make sure there is positive energy at work as there may be an issue with a colleague that needs settling. If these bad feelings are allowed to fester, the relationship will get to the point where it's beyond repair. Speak to family members and explain that it's impossible for you to give so much time to people who don't need it, as there are other priorities that need your full attention.

Justice Meaning - in Love

If your long-term relationship is in question, this card usually signifies that you will soon separate. Otherwise, if you happen to be looking for love, a big commitment might be in your immediate path. Remain consistent regarding what you need in a relationship, and you will discover it a lot sooner.

Justice Meaning - in Work

You will have to be positive that the balance between life and work is as it should be. Placing more emphasis on one over the other leads to imbalance. For most, one of these things comes easier than the other; make sure you are balancing both with equal energy and attention, regardless of the are where you excel. In order to be successful, balance needs to happen.

Justice Meaning - in Health

It is essential to remain in each moment, and again, pay close attention to that life balance. Are you keeping that sense of perfect balance alive? Moderation does not only work for some, it is especially important to a healthy, sensible life. Reconsider how life might be unbalanced - especially if there are existing challenges in health. Fix the situation. The power is yours.

Justice Meaning - in Finance

Now is a great time for chance games. Often, if this card makes an appearance in the arena of money, a fairly small amount of winnings might be headed your way. Though you may not be a gambler, unexpected money may still show. Use it in a smart way and remember - extra money is great!

Justice Meaning - in Spirituality

Now is the time to be grounded. Do you sense a connection to fellow humans and the Earth? Are you able to exist within the world, but not be a part of it? Again, balance needs to be a theme at this time. Work hard on controlling perspective regarding life to help you remain centred.

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