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King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

King of Cups
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King of Cups Meaning - in General

Generally, this card means compassion and kindness. An element exists of true and pure love around you, regardless of the situation right now. Care for yourself and let others in to care for you as well.

King of Cups Meaning - in Love

In regards to love, if this card appears, it is a great omen. Very few cards bring more love than the King of Cups. If you happen to be single, this card might mean that a loving, balanced person will come to you soon. Generally, the cups will mean that people who have lighter colour hair will come into your life. This card looks good in regards to love.

King of Cups Meaning - in Work

In a work context, the King of Cups typically indicates a male co-worker or boss who truly remains on your side of things. Do not be afraid to go to him for help when needed. If you are curious about what others think of you when you get this card, understand that you are respected more than they are showing right now. Things most likely are going to improve for you at work.

King of Cups Meaning - in Health

In health questions, especially if you are seeing a doctor, this card tells you to trust those healers that you are seeing. They will help you and serve their purpose. This card means there is good health coming, especially if you have a male caregiver. Treat yourself well. Make sure you are paying attention to yourself when you get this card.

King of Cups Meaning - in Finance

This card might mean that you need to hit your situation head on. Do not avoid it - it needs to be done. The King might also mean that you need to extend your generosity just a little. Even if you have very little, learn to give some away. You can do it - even if all you give is some time. Understand that it will come back to you again. Ask if you need some help in this area.

King of Cups Meaning - in Spirituality

With spirituality, the King of Cups card might be a contradictory sign, because he tends to combine male and female energies. This mixes accomplishment with love, action with concern, and discernment with compassion. Meditate over this situation, and discover what you need to do. Then do it. Can you take some compassionate action? Can you love and keep your boundaries? Begin with your own boundaries then pass them on to others. Walking while meditating helps greatly right now.

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