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King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

King of Pentacles
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King of Pentacles Meaning - in General

The King of Pentacles card is the card of the guardian. You are a person who can always be trusted - the main reason why friends and family will always see you as loyal. You've a real belief in the difference between right and wrong, although, this may stop you from taking risks in life. Being too responsible too much of the time could be costly. If you are unhappy in your career then you need to have the guts to make a change. You would be very effective in a career where you are protecting other people.

King of Pentacles Meaning - in Love

The King of Pentacles card is very positive in love questions. A person might come to you and sweep you of your feet. Try to present your best self, but don't be fake. This person will adore you for you. Be very honest if you want it to work out. If you have a relationship, it might become more comfortable and fulfilling. If you are unhappy, though, you need to speak up if you want change. No one is a mind reader.

King of Pentacles Meaning - in Work

A more established and older man is very present around you at work. This person tends to be quick to judge, but fair and wise. He might be a supporter, even if you don't know who he is. Be ready to be scrutinised - you will be better for it.

King of Pentacles Meaning - in Health

Your status in health will get better if you let go of negative feelings. You need to really think over when it's the best time for that though. Ritual and tradition will comfort you at this time. Caring for the soul will also help the body. Do you practice healthy rituals? If you don't, find one which works for you. You will feel better.

King of Pentacles Meaning - in Finance

This card is a great one to get in the area of finances. They will be moving up, but mostly due to your personal efforts. Don't wildly speculate right now. Think through risks if necessary. Share what you have because it doesn't go with you in the end.

King of Pentacles Meaning - in Spirituality

You might not understand what is needed for spiritual fulfilment, maybe due to your focus being too much on money. Think over your spirit. If there is little to no background in this area, read about it and let the thought process flow. Feed that spirit. Finances will get better if you do this.

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