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King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

King of Swords

King of Swords Meaning - in General

The King of Swords card implies that you need to start treating others fairly. If you're in a position of power, then you have to understand that people will only respect you and carry out your orders when you treat them well and as equals. Showing favouritism towards certain individuals will only cause problems amongst the ranks. A big decision will have to be made by you and it will need a clear mind and a fair hand. Treat everyone as they deserve to be treated and they will always respect you for your honesty and decency.

King of Swords Meaning - in Love

In love relations, this card might indicate an opinionated, forceful and strong man might be in the mix somehow. If the man happens to be your love, you will simply have to take him as is, and no matter if you happen to be female or male, the best way to interact with him will be to draw out your best feminine aspects. Do not tolerate any mistreatings, though. This guy will stay in the middle of the stereotypical manly man and overstepping himself. Look out for yourself.

King of Swords Meaning - in Work

There is a male within the work environment who might be talking to you or behaving in such a way that bothers you. You might just be too sensitive. He's only doing what he needs to do. If you happen to be searching for employment, a dark haired manly man might be able to give you a job, but you really have to work hard to impress him. Don't be offended if he turns you down.

King of Swords Meaning - in Health

If there are non-specific symptoms, understand that your doctor might over-order the tests. Be sure to get as educated as possible before going to the doctor. Be active in every treatment.

King of Swords Meaning - in Finance

In the area of finances, this card communicates that a full understanding of your situation needs to happen. Accept the reality. If you hide, nothing will be fixed. Additionally, the card also means you need to be generous to others. You might not want to, but do it anyway. You will be greatly rewarded.

King of Swords Meaning - in Spirituality

If you want to be connected to anything spiritually, the belief set needs to mesh with you mentally. Your spiritual awareness will become deeper if you actively seek out different sources of insight and information. Try a new avenue, even readings done by you for you might help. Meditations work wonders at this time.

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