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King of Wands (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

King of Wands (reversed)
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King of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in General

If you receive the King of Wands card in reverse, you are most certainly someone who can't see the big picture. Don't become consumed by small, unimportant issues. If you focus too much energy on something that'll make no difference to your life, then you are essentially wasting your time. You have piles of energy and with a little clarity you can become a success. A complete stranger, or an old friend, will enter your life. They will help you to make life changing decisions and give you the opportunity for freedom and solo travel.

King of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Love

This card in reverse shows positive energies in the area of love, especially when you happen to have interest in a man who is older, kind, energetic and warm. Regardless of your current interests or involvements, this card means that your love might need space for thinking over their needs and where they want the relationship to go. It is essential for you to have patience through this process and give them space. Move slowly with them.

King of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Work

In a work context, this card reversed indicates in general men who are helpful, but it might also mean that one certain guy is being very patronising and condescending to you. Look over the situation to see if you actually should put up with a small amount of the behaviour, however, if the person is creating a great amount of difficulty or if he is quite inappropriate, you will need to take action. No one needs to work in a negative environment. Just be sure you're not being over sensitive.

King of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Health

The King Of Wands reversed certainly means you are very strong physically. You might benefit greatly from sessions with counsellors in nutrition or trainers right now, as long as you will listen to them and do what they recommend. If you happen to have created newer goals in health, don't push too hard or you will hurt yourself. Go slow and stay steady.

King of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

If this card comes to you reversed in financial questions, it is typically a loud sign that you need to find advice from someone who knows what they're talking about - even though you might be a professional yourself! Swallow your pride and find someone. Most likely, you will be able to make some smaller investments. Move carefully, but create situations where your money pulls in more for you.

King of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

No matter if this card is upright or reversed, it is a card that means you are on the road toward spiritual exploration. Understand that it is not necessary to deny yourself every opportunity to grow in spirit; the world holds much for us and we can reap the benefits! Joy and abundance are experiences along with austerity and denial. Certainly, the positives will be better! Learn to relax and growth will be faster.

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