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Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups Meaning - in General

The Knight of Cups card, generally, communicates that success is achievable, but only after much effort is exerted. You may have to take a journey, whether physical or spiritual, before you find the inspiration that you need. This card indicates that you have a fantastic imagination and the ability to continually think up new ideas and projects. That is is good, but know that this is not your time right now. You will soon have much to be thankful for, although, you will need to have patience and understanding until then.

Knight of Cups Meaning - in Love

This card is quite positive in areas of love. Are you single? This card will tell you that you are about to be swept away. If you have a love in your life, the Knight of Cups might mean marriage. In this context, at least, the message is positive and what you want. Be sure to explore how you feel.

Knight of Cups Meaning - in Work

Projects at work will move forward in a positive direction before you know it. Stand proud of what you've done and what you can give.

Knight of Cups Meaning - in Health

If you happen to be waiting for some results for tests when you see this card, the news is most likely in your favour. Generally, health is on the upswing for you.

Knight of Cups Meaning - in Finance

This Knight might indicate that good news is coming quickly to you regarding money. The messages are positive and uplifting. If you worry over your finances and this card comes to you, try to find out where you stand to every last penny. Your situation is not really that bad.

Knight of Cups Meaning - in Spirituality

Now is the time for you to explore new spiritual realms. This card most often indicates that you are to receive messages from the spiritual realm (though it might be through a human) which serve to change the way you view things. Look closely at coincidences. Often, spirits reach us this way.

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