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Knight of Pentacles (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Knight of Pentacles (reversed)

Knight of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in General

The Knight of Pentacles in reverse is a positive and important card. You are a kind and caring individual who understands that it is better to succeed in life without hurting other people in the process - although this can leave you open to attack from individuals who see you as a weak target. Look out for a new opportunity, possibly overseas, where you will be involved in charity work - possibly in animal welfare. Chasing material possessions may lead to temporary happiness, but it will never leave you fulfilled and at one with yourself.

Knight of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Love

This card reversed might mean that you feel bored in love right now. The best way to deal with it is to communicate, especially in a committed relationship. People cannot read minds - ask for changes that you want. You might just receive. If you remain single, it's not a good time for settling down. You need to let your possible partners know right away that you only want a fun time, and you are exploring things. Get out and have fun, but stay honest. You are the only person who can spice up your own life.

Knight of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Work

It doesn't matter how your work life is laid out, it is essential that you stay focused, work hard and become quite methodical in all areas. If you slack off for whatever reason, you might lose your job.

Knight of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Health

In relation to questions of health, this card reversed means that health will soon improve if you act as an adult - exercise, eat right, and get good sleep. Do not engage in anything extreme right now.

Knight of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

If your work continues as it has been, and you get your goals met, your finances will stabilise. Work with what you have. Do not gamble under any circumstances.

Knight of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

Though this card typically relates to things at work, if you get this card in relation to spirituality, you need to know that life is more than work. Allow some space to look over other aspects of your existence. Talk with others who have a deeper level of spirituality than you. See if you agree with what they say. Try meditation.

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