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Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Knight of Wands
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Knight of Wands Meaning - in General

Most often, knights bring messages. In this suit, any messages will most likely be related to your work and positive. Projects will most likely be, or have been for you, better than you initially thought. Feel the pride and wallow in it.

Knight of Wands Meaning - in Love

You might meet a new partner through work relations. This person's hair will be lighter than most. If you have a partner, make sure to keep communication clear. Create time for just sitting and talking. You will feel substantially closer to each other.

Knight of Wands Meaning - in Work

You might be asked if you will travel in relation to work - this will be a good thing and will hold some enjoyment for you. News at work is great. If you happen to be waiting for interview results, you probably got your job. This job will be great for you.

Knight of Wands Meaning - in Health

Health is most likely great right now, but use caution in exercising. This card sometimes means you will suffer minor injuries. If you happen to be healing from something right now, don't go overboard with anything. You'll hurt yourself more and be worse for it. Go slow and keep a steady pace.

Knight of Wands Meaning - in Finance

Money is coming much easier right now. Finances look great. Even though they do, make sure you're saving some. Cut out unnecessary expenses.

Knight of Wands Meaning - in Spirituality

You might suddenly find yourself introduced to new views which you find deeply appealing. Make sure you allow yourself to review this new view before you invest money or time into it. Give yourself over to the causes in which you believe. That's the best form of worship.

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