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Nine of Swords (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Swords (reversed)

Nine of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in General

The Nine of Swords in reverse gives an indication that someone - who plays a big part in your life - will give you the support you so desperately need. This is a difficult time, though, it doesn't need to be this way. It will be very damaging for you to try and face all of your problems by yourself. Loyalties will be tested, which is a good thing, as this will allow you to discover your true friends. Be happy in the knowledge that you'll soon enter a new phase of your life, as a more content human being.

Nine of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in Love

If this card shows up reversed during love questions, you might have to devote some deeper thought to your existing relationship. If you suspect some dishonesty within your partner, check it out right now. If you are searching for that special someone, feel out others very slowly at first. People who are very dishonest and only out for fun might be around you right now. This person will be very good at saying what will persuade you to do what they want. Trust what you feel.

Nine of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in Work

Same as its upright partner, this card communicates that worry over work will get you nowhere. Just do your best, and trust in your gut. If you think someone is taking your credit or treating you unfairly, speak up. If you continue the work search, it will not be helpful to hold back. Put your talents and yourself out there.

Nine of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in Health

When this reversed card comes in health questions, now is not the time to find embarrassment with the physical body. If you are concerned over a health issue, talk it over with your doctor using very frank terms. Help is there for you if you will only grab it.

Nine of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

This card reversed communicates to you that caution needs to be exercised in who you will trust with your money. Check, check, and check again before loaning anything to anyone. Then, refuse to loan any more than is affordable. A slight chance of you being accused of doing something that you never did is there in the area of money. If it happens, seek legal help and stick to your guns.

Nine of Swords (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

Perhaps you are beating yourself over the head regarding something. This might interfere with development spiritually. The past is over, and events that happened there need to stay there. You can't change that. Learn to forgive if you need to. Your past does not define you. Your worst critic is you.

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