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Nine of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Swords
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Nine of Swords Meaning - in General

Receiving the Nine of Swords card is a warning sign that you need to be very cautious around friends and work colleagues. There is a simple reason why you feel anxious and alone at this time. You feel as if you're being betrayed by someone very close to you. They have deliberately hurt you and yet they feel as if they've done nothing wrong. This person has also been trying to turn others against you. This is the time to consider starting afresh in a warmer climate, away from such negative energy.

Nine of Swords Meaning - in Love

There might be something bothering you within your relationship. Do not disregard your true feelings. If something seems unhealthy to you, you're probably right - it's not. If you feel that your love is sneaking around behind you, be straightforward and ask directly. If you have a new love, do not believe that everything is as it seems. Take time to develop trust. Don't hurry.

Nine of Swords Meaning - in Work

Worrying over that job will not help right now. Start focusing over what is under your control and push away the anxiety over all else. If you happen to be searching, remember to think positive and ask for some help when it is necessary. That next person who engages you in conversation regarding work just might have that job for you.

Nine of Swords Meaning - in Health

Now is the time to practice great caution regarding any substances you might use, such as alcohol or drugs. You might be using these things to self medicate, when all you need is to find out what bothers you. Stress might be a huge factor. Look over ways to reduce stress and risk factors. If nothing works, consider lifestyle changes and spend money differently. At times, it comes down to life or money, in more meanings than one.

Nine of Swords Meaning - in Finance

Perhaps you are borrowing from one source to pay another. If you are, take it easy and give those finances a cold hard look. Are you currently reaching too far to be financially independent? Every single one of us needs help at times. Look over those resources to see if they are really necessary. Do you use every resource? Skip gambling or schemes to make fast money. Miracles are real, but you don't want to be foolish. If you have doubt, ask.

Nine of Swords Meaning - in Spirituality

If the Nine of Swords comes to you in spiritual questions, it becomes a clear, steadfast sign that slowing down is important. Your brain moves fast and your stress is high. Learn to calm down. If it is possible to go it alone, try meditation, as this will benefit you. If you can't begin alone, read some books or take classes on how to do it. Try the monkey mind of the Buddhists. Silence any chatter.

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