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Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Nine of Wands
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Nine of Wands Meaning - in General

If this card comes to you, it indicates both inner and outer strength. You may be in a position where you feel that you have none of these qualities, but you are wrong. The Nine of Wands is telling you to discard any person who tries to destroy your confidence. Learn from the mistakes you've made and move forward on the path you're already on. You're much more fortunate than others, as things that you find easy, others will find almost impossible. Believe in yourself and only seek counsel from the most trusted people.

Nine of Wands Meaning - in Love

In love matters, always remember that nothing in this life will hold up if it is constantly being dissected. Give some space to your love when it is needed. If you have no one and want to be with someone, try to know that right now might not be the best time for that. Do you want to change some things within yourself? Now is the time to complete yourself emotionally. When you finally become ready to enter a relationship, the person who comes to you will also be whole. Don't rush things.

Nine of Wands Meaning - in Work

Work might be tense at this time. Do not add to that tension; think about what you will say before you say them, remain unruffled and calm at least on the outside. Be clear regarding what you can't control - and what you can. Give little thought to what is out of your control. Do the absolute best with what you can control, and things turn out good. Are you wondering if that job is going to be eliminated? Sadly, if this card comes up, it might happen. You have been warned. Do you have a plan for just in case?

Nine of Wands Meaning - in Health

Stress, anxiety and worry are affecting health at this time. Make sure to treat yourself as best as possible. Use balance in calorie intake and exercise. Get plenty of rest. Meditation and breathing exercises will be of great use to you at this time. If test results are coming your way, don't worry over them too much. Keep in mind you can only do so much. Focus only on positives. Write things down for which you are grateful. Keep positive energies around you. Answers will soon come.

Nine of Wands Meaning - in Finance

In financial terms, worrying over things will not keep problems at bay. Attempt to remain calm while methodically picking apart every possible action you could take. Move slowly. Research methods to bring in even the smallest amount of extra income.

Nine of Wands Meaning - in Spirituality

You might not want to practice discipline at this time, however, you have to at this time to reach those spiritual goals. Plan, focus and take yourself to a higher level of commitment and spiritual study. The strength lies within you.

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