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Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles Meaning - in General

Receiving the Page of Pentacles card is an indication that you will go far, once you've learnt how to channel your energies correctly. You have great ideas and much potential, but you never seem to be able to make your ideas a reality. Things may not be going the way you want because you don't enjoy the boring parts of making projects work. You have to take the rough with the smooth in order to progress in life. Naturally, you'll become more effective the older you get, but only when you know which direction you're headed.

Page of Pentacles Meaning - in Love

The boredom and lacklustre sheen of your long-term relationship may have brought the Page of Pentacles to you. Fear not - the relationship is not lost for good, but it will require work and discussion to really bring it back to life. Start with being honest about everything that you are feeling. If you are not in a relationship, and can't seem to catch someone's eye, you need to look carefully at the baggage you are carrying around with you everyday. Are you still fixated on an ex partner that you need to let go of before you can move forward and find new love?

Page of Pentacles Meaning - in Work

You probably have too much work and not enough time. The Page tells you not to despair because he knows if you roll up your sleeves and get your head down, you'll accomplish what you need to. If the work has you feeling overwhelmed and a little bored, a steady work ethic will get you where you need to be. And remember, you are not alone - do not hesitate to ask others for the help that you need.

Page of Pentacles Meaning - in Health

There may be a link between any illnesses you currently suffer and your neglected emotional issues. If you need attention, remember that you don't need to get sick in order to get some. Of course, ensure that your symptoms are looked at by a medical professional, but don't forget for what you need emotionally - you may be surprised by the physical turn-around you experience. Most of the time, your own mind holds the key to your physical health and vitality.

Page of Pentacles Meaning - in Finance

The Page of Pentacles brings financial rewards for good, old-fashioned hard work. Today is not the day to gamble or have unrealistic goals. Right now is when you need to assess your skills and your situation - are you being fairly paid for what you do? If not, it might be time to make a change. Also, now is the time for safe investments, not risky ones.

Page of Pentacles Meaning - in Spirituality

If your spirituality is feeling a little lacklustre today, the Page of Pentacles may be your cue to examine and seek out those things that excite you. What excites you? What are the things you enjoy most? Today is the day to get off your current path and try something new. Find someone with a powerful spiritual side, and exciting life, and discover what makes them tick. What you learn will definitely help you every day of your life.

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