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Page of Wands (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Page of Wands (reversed)
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Page of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in General

Getting the Page of Wands in reverse is a signal to rein in your spending habits. It's always nice to be surrounded by expensive things, but not when you have to put yourself into debt to get those things. If you feel depressed and trapped by your financial situation, you must seek help from the people you trust the most. OK, you've been irresponsible, but you can still turn your life around. Raise much needed cash by selling unwanted possessions, and take on extra work that will also keep your mind occupied.

Page of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Love

If this card appears in answer to love questions, the focus of the relationship might be on trading stories and learning more about each other rather than sinking into more serious commitments. It is best if you don't push things with that potential mate - it might not be time for commitment right now. If you happen to be searching, a person might advise you against someone new - be sure to do what you want. Warnings don't always heed true, but take them into account when making your decisions.

Page of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Work

In work terms, this card in reverse indicates a light haired woman causing issues because she is being indecisive. It is possible right now that you cause your own road blocks by being indecisive yourself. If you happen to be searching, spread out your resources. Decisions to hire you might meet delays.

Page of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Health

In health terms, this reversed card means that others are around you and waiting to help you with your health issues. They might be professionals, and they might be a friend who wants to push you to exercise. Avoid doing it all alone. When this card appears, it is a sign that you will do better if you remain open to others' influences.

Page of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

Same as its upright meaning, this card means that money will be increasing soon. A person who has expertise in finances might come to you and offer some great advice. You also might get some great unexpected news. When it does happen, see how you can share it to keep yourself prosperous.

Page of Wands (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

This card most certainly means that you need to pay attention to your gut feelings. Utilise your creativity because it will enrich the spirit right now. A person that is already around you might give you some essential insights. Though you might keep these things to yourself, think about talking it all over with someone to hear about the experiences of others. It might bring you inspiration.

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