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Queen of Pentacles (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Queen of Pentacles (reversed)
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Queen of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in General

If you get the Queen of Pentacles card reversed it indicates possible change, although, there is fear linked to that change. If you feel that your life isn't going anywhere, only you can remedy this problem. An unusual opportunity will come your way and you must decide if it is for you. It certainly isn't something you should consider until you have more confidence. A dark haired stranger will enter your life and make you look at things differently. Realise that you'll waste your life if you constantly worry about failure.

Queen of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Love

Even reversed, the Queen is awash in femininity. The Queen represents your need to spend time focusing on your home life and improve it - whether you are already involved with someone, or if you are currently single. You need to establish a home base that builds a comfort zone for yourself as well as the family and friends that you surround yourself with.

Queen of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Work

In relation to work, the reversed Queen often appears when the only part of your career you can control is your attitude. It's at these times that you need to focus (often hard) on the smallest moments of enjoyment you can find at work. If you can't find anything, try to improve things for your co-workers. This can be a powerful path to fulfilment as you decide on short and long-term career moves.

Queen of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Health

The reversed Queen may speak to your current attempts to meet the needs of others while ignoring your own need for private space. Until you love yourself, and build up your own personal strength, you can not be strong and helpful to others. Take time, even a few moments a day, and focus on yourself, so that you have the strength and capacity of those around you.

Queen of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

Financially, the reversed Queen can be a warning that you may spend too much money building your ideal home. The truth is, you can build a warm, comfortable and inviting home on a budget. Remember to build with love and powerful energies, not your salary.

Queen of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

When you see the reversed Queen of Pentacles, you may wish to dedicate a portion of your home to build and accentuate your spirituality. Some ideas could include a place at home dedicated to meditation and deep contemplation, or starting a diary to capture your daily successes and gratitude.

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