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Seven of Cups (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Cups (reversed)

Seven of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in General

The Seven of Cups reversed implies that you need to let go of unachievable dreams and start facing reality. You've set yourself impossible targets and when they're inevitably unmet, your health will suffer. Get back in touch with an old friend who has more down-to-earth qualities, as they'll show you that you don't need fame or wealth to be happy. Living a more mature and responsible existence, with the occasional bit of fun, will allow you to grow as a human being. In a relationship, would you really want your partner to have superficial ideals?

Seven of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Love

In love areas, this card reversed means that you've become clear regarding your needs and wants in love. You want to move forward to help this happen. Trust your gut. You have every right to make yourself clear to that person for whom you care. You might get a good reaction. It is best to do something rather than staying quiet. Trust your instincts. If you believe someone is being bad to you, they are.

Seven of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Work

When this card is reversed in a work question, you might have to be cautious of someone around you who takes silly risks and who does not always tell the truth. Trust yourself. If you feel like it's wrong, it most likely is.

Seven of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Health

This card reversed means the beginning of a realisation of what you are able to do to support yourself a little better. You probably have some great ideas. Trust that you can do it as long as the doctor agrees. Act now and you will feel better.

Seven of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

Generally, the Seven of Cups reversed states that now is when you need to use caution with your money. Don't gamble. There are many choices for you with what to do with all your money, but your energy right now leans toward safety and prudence. You will soon make a very important financial decision. Make it then do it.

Seven of Cups (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

You might currently be recovering from a trial in spirit. Now is when you should take action. You know what you need to do - learn to forgive, meditate, whatever you need to do to heal spiritually. You have the answers inside yourself. Find the answers then follow through.

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