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Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Cups
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Seven of Cups Meaning - in General

You have a materialistic side and it's something that you should address, as you are definitely digging a hole for yourself, both spiritually and financially. The Seven of Cups is telling you to rein in your spending habits and start living in the real world. You may impress a few individuals with your superficial lifestyle, but will those people still be around when the bailiffs come calling? Understand, through exploring your spiritual side, that your lifestyle is masking emotional problems. Listen to this card if you want to find true happiness.

Seven of Cups Meaning - in Love

You might have a variety of choices at your disposal. Make sure you are very specific and clear regarding your relationship needs. Give great thought to your choices. Be clear and honest with everyone you are dating then go forward with your choices. Be careful you don't fall for the rush that comes with new relationships. It won't last forever. Great relationships will even out and reach a comfort zone. Of course, don't remain in any ruts you might be in.

Seven of Cups Meaning - in Work

If that work deal or business looks over the top, great, it might just be a scam. Be careful with your trust and your money. If you are working or desire to work in some sort of creative field, this card is a great sign that you will push forward in this field. However, if the job you do is more technical, this card warns you to pull in the reins and refocus.

Seven of Cups Meaning - in Health

Health symptoms which you have right now might partially be because you're not grounded - but ask your doctor anyway. Get a journal to document any symptoms you have. Use physical exercise to help keep your head out of the clouds.

Seven of Cups Meaning - in Finance

Now is not the time for financial investments. Consult some sort of professional and research everything if you feel you have to invest. You might just be too spread out in business. Get some focus if you want to succeed.

Seven of Cups Meaning - in Spirituality

Try visualising your favourite goals and desires. Utilise treasure mapping or positive affirmations to attain your goals. Hold onto a positive attitude. If help is necessary, find it. Positive influences exist if you can find them.

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