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Seven of Pentacles (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Pentacles (reversed)

Seven of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in General

The Seven of Pentacles card in reverse signifies that you may be someone who is slightly disorganised. Stop procrastinating so much as this will mean you'll stop wasting precious time on projects and tasks that'll make no difference to your life. You have the ability to achieve a great deal, but that won't happen until you correctly prioritise everything. Now is the time to fulfil your dreams and start a project (a real labour of love) - something that will require attention to detail and excellent organisation skills.

Seven of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Love

It is essential, if you draw this card, that you understand that nothing maintains perfection. You aren't perfect, so stop trying to be so. If you continue to look for your love, you might be fruitless right now. You might be having unrealistic thoughts concerning your ideal partner. Remember, love is not superficial.

Seven of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Work

If you get the Seven of Pentacles card reversed, you might find that you feel dissatisfied with things at work. If this is true, find the effort needed to discover why. Remain open regarding situations that might help you change. You might be the one who needs to change. Perhaps you won't have to quit, but you need to become more charitable.

Seven of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Health

If you get this reversed card in a health context, it is very essential for you to research goals and how your health is viewed. You might need to think in broader terms, but specifics will work as well. Small goals work best. Keep some records or diaries. Push yourself harder. You want progress.

Seven of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

This card reversed means that you need to become much more specific regarding your goals. "Nice retirement" is an unclear goal. "£3,000 per month" is much more specific. Think about the future.

Seven of Pentacles (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

With this card reversed, you might feel some dissatisfaction in the spiritual realm. You need to find some time to rest and move away from normal activities. You might also want to go over your thoughts with someone else and learn more from others. This card communicates that you need to adjust your normal routines. Experiment a little.

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