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Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords Meaning - in General

If there is some sort of competition in your life, whether informal or formal, you need to watch everyone for cheating. This cheating might be as small as some underhandedness at a small card game to a person attempting to blame you for a serious infraction at work. The answer is to make sure you are covered. Be sure that your movements are done correctly so you will not have to worry, even though someone is after you.

Seven of Swords Meaning - in Love

If you happen to be in a relationship, it is crystal clear that trust is quite crucial right now. If there is any reason for you to feel suspicious, approach your partner and talk it through though that might be difficult. A passive-aggressive attitude right now will create a worse situation. If you are still searching, an interesting person might come into your life, don't give off the appearance that you don't want a relationship. That perspective lover will move away to a more engaged person. Search for the balance.

Seven of Swords Meaning - in Work

At work, this card appearing for you might mean that the superiors at your workplace are researching your conduct and work rather close. Remain straight, keep working your hardest, and create output which goes above and beyond. Stay out of the politics at work. If you continue to search for work, start closer to home. Talk to those who have been co-workers in the past or your friends.

Seven of Swords Meaning - in Health

Avoid accepting wholeheartedly any pronouncements regarding your health. Seek that second opinion; go for the third one if necessary. Seek out the other opinions before you go for irrevocable procedures, such as surgeries. Open yourself to healing spiritually, but if there is serious illness, understand that "cure" doesn't necessarily equal "healing". Healing happens in a number of different ways. What do you need to heal?

Seven of Swords Meaning - in Finance

If this card appears, now is a terrible time to loan or gamble money, as huge losses will be inevitable. There are some hard choices coming your way in the field of money - avoid trading integrity for quick cash. Your spiritual well-being and self-esteem will ultimately suffer. You can't buy that back.

Seven of Swords Meaning - in Spirituality

Use great caution regarding spiritual or religious gurus and leaders who ask you to give them money before they will provide enlightenment. Truthfully, no leader is needed for spiritual learning or growth. Explore the area alone. Use more caution around any new spiritual friends.

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