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Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Wands
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Seven of Wands Meaning - in General

The Seven of Wands may indicate a positive change in your life. At first it will seem negative, but you'll soon feel like a new person, ready to take on anything and anyone. Whether at work or home, you may have to stand up to someone who you believe is attempting to manipulate you and destroy your confidence. It's vital that you fight your corner. If you show the necessary courage, the new and powerful energy that'll flow through your body will make you almost unrecognisable to others.

Seven of Wands Meaning - in Love

If you happen to be committed, be up front and tell your love what you think. This honesty will serve to make things better, especially if both of you remain considerate to the way you talk to each other. If you are single, the appearance of this card might mean that you need to come away from your typical hangouts to meet someone special.

Seven of Wands Meaning - in Work

If you have dreamt of self-employment, start looking into it right now. Research everything you can about the possibility of starting that business. You possess the strength to make that business come to life. Keep your head straight, though. If possible, start the business while you remain employed. This makes the most sense.

Seven of Wands Meaning - in Health

Your worry might not be necessary. Though you might be dealing with serious challenges, keep up an attitude of positive thoughts. This will weave miracles for you. If you sense something wrong physically, keep insisting that doctors check on you. If that normal doctor tells you no, move on to someone else. Your instincts might be right.

Seven of Wands Meaning - in Finance

Expect there to be more finances. Perhaps you get an unexpected bonus check, perhaps you own something that has high worth, in the end, more money is coming. Make sure to keep the long-term in mind and remember to use sense in investments.

Seven of Wands Meaning - in Spirituality

Face those fears and make them work for you. This will cause you strength and you will be prepared to meet your next big obstacle. Courage cannot happen without fear for inspiration. Fear is no longer ruling you, nor does it have to. Throw out doubt and grab onto courage if opportunity knocks. Is now the time to go for that dream? Do it! Release hesitation and make it yours! Strive for all your desires.

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