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Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Cups
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Six of Cups Meaning - in General

The Six of Cups card indicates happiness and this is obviously very positive. This is a great time to be alive as you have so much to be thankful for. If you feel different then you need to get rid of your negative attitude and start focusing on everything that you have. There are people in a much worse situation than you could ever imagine. You're in a strong relationship right now, with a partner who fills you with positive energy. Don't think that you will be happier with a work colleague who is fighting for your attention.

Six of Cups Meaning - in Love

If you have a relationship right now, this card means that you need new focus on your future. Discuss your dreams and goals. Explore new hobbies. Do not get stuck where you are. Occasionally, this card means that a past lover will come back. Think over everything before rekindling anything. Ex partners are in the past for very good reasons.

Six of Cups Meaning - in Work

Now is the perfect time when work becomes something creative. If this isn't possible at work, do it in your spare time - paint, write, scrapbook - do whatever you like best to let it out! Your job will be better because of it.

Six of Cups Meaning - in Health

If you happen to be having health issues, this card coming to you might indicate that you have to return to the past. Look through your childhood to see where those issues began. (Hint: look over your emotions). Talking it out might help. You might need to talk through things with family members to see if they have answers. Research the medical history of your family.

Six of Cups Meaning - in Finance

If you want to find new ways for investing, or if you want a little more money, look closely at the nostalgic or retro items, or things which kids like. Money might come from inheritance or from a person in your past. It doesn't indicate that someone will pass away soon, though.

Six of Cups Meaning - in Spirituality

Any type of ritual will help you at this time. You might discover beauty in revisiting your childhood spiritual rituals; you don't need to follow the rituals to the letter. Re-invent and update the practices to serve you at this time.

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