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Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Wands

Six of Wands Meaning - in General

The Six of Wands is a very positive card. You have put a lot of time and effort into your future and now is the time when you'll start reaping the rewards. Expect a real upturn in your finances. A possible promotion or the chance to expand your business. Sit back and look at everything you've achieved - so far! You're a hard worker - maybe a workaholic - but you're at a stage of your life where you should enjoy the fruits of your labour. Take the holiday you've always dreamed of.

Six of Wands Meaning - in Love

For relationships which are committed, this card signifies that the relationship is getting better. All of a sudden, you will be happier and closer to your mate than in the past. If you are looking for someone, don't worry - this card means that it's coming soon and it will meet all your dreams. This card is quite positive.

Six of Wands Meaning - in Work

If you are searching for work, this card means positive things. Soon, your findings will be more than you had hoped. If you already have your dream position, know that work is about to get much better for you. Keep at it!

Six of Wands Meaning - in Health

If health worries you, learn to relax. The situation isn't as bad as you might think. A certain spiritual, underlying strength will pull you through. Be strong.

Six of Wands Meaning - in Finance

Finances will be improving very soon. No matter what else is happening, finances will be swinging up and moving forward positively. Stay steadfast, though, with your increase. Especially now, everyone needs to prepare for emergencies. Nonetheless, expect that increase.

Six of Wands Meaning - in Spirituality

In spiritual questions, this card might mean that you will be in touch with a deeper joy and a pure love to live. You currently are in the correct path. Find that inner joy and start sharing it with others. You have gifts to give and the world requires them.

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