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Strength (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Strength (reversed)

Strength (reversed) Meaning - in General

Your confidence isn't going to rapidly improve if you receive the Strength card in reverse. You've made many mistakes in your life and this has caused you to become consumed by feelings of regret. You must learn to stop living in the past and you have to stop saying to yourself, "if only". Many people will have thoughts of regret from time-to-time, but they don't allow themselves to become obsessed by what might have been. You've made mistakes and they're your own fault. Learn from these errors and start looking on how to make your future more positive.

Strength (reversed) Meaning - in Love

This card in reverse during love or romance questions holds the same basic meaning as the upright version. Generally, the love in your life is going great. If you have a relationship, it is highly likely that it is strong. It is mutually beneficial and supportive. If you are searching for love, this time is better than ever to meet others with similar interests. You might find yourself in a state of extreme self-confidence. Put yourself out there! You will be quite happily surprised with the way things go. There is only one caveat with this reversal card - use a bit of caution to not over-estimate the strength within a relationship; remember not to push too hard on boundaries or bad things will happen.

Strength (reversed) Meaning - in Work

Before others at work will fully understand the scope of your skills and talents, it needs to start with you. YOU need to understand them first. Discover what you are best doing. Find what motivates you. These discoveries should loan important insights into the most important inner strengths. After that is clear, it will be a great time to be sure that people who hold a place that can keep you in your job, hire you, or offer raises, know about them too. Take each situation one at a time. Already, you are doing great if this card shows itself. You won't need to go too fast, or too far.

Strength (reversed) Meaning - in Health

Even though the card is reversed, it is likely that you feel pretty great right now. The time is now to nix those bad habits, if there are any, to protect that great health you've worked for. Take it easy though; do not attempt great changes all at one. Stay steady and go slow. Begin with shorter goals, such as vigorous, short workouts. This will guide you in the right direction. You won't want to make yourself cut out bad habits quickly because it will backfire.

Strength (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

Generally, money will be coming in very well right now, though the card has appeared reversed. Remember, though, don't stretch those boundaries. Avoid assuming that your current prosperity is forever. It would be a bad choice to gamble now or to finance or borrow for anything than immediate needs.

Strength (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

The Strength card in reverse does not signify a spiritual weakness, rather, it serves as a reminder of the strength that lies within you. This strength most likely reaches way beyond anything you previously thought you possessed. If you find it difficult to sense and see this within your life and within you, take time to be alone in nature. Discover something there that inspires whether it be the scenery, forests or water. Reflect on the fact that the beauty and strength within that object reflects an essential part of yourself as well. Reach out and keep in touch with personal strength.

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