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Strength Tarot Card Meaning

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Strength Meaning - in General

The Strength card signifies confidence and strong character. This is a time when people will try and knock your ideas, and they will succeed unless you have the inner strength to ward of negative energy. Ask yourself why certain people, whom you trust, are trying to put seeds of doubt in your mind. Think carefully about false friendships as certain individuals are jealous of your personality. No matter what others say, you must always keep your head up and shoulders back. You have a powerful personality and it's something that should be allowed to flourish.

Strength Meaning - in Love

Love is going quite well for you. If you currently have a relationship, it is strong, beneficial and mutually supportive. If you are searching for that special person, now is a great time to get out and meet people. Your self-confidence is high right now - get out there and mingle. Perhaps you will find yourself pleasantly surprised with the results.

Strength Meaning - in Work

Work is going very well. If the search for work is happening for you, you have the knowledge and the right skill-set to discover what you need. If you are already working, and upward mobility is available, do not hesitate negotiations for all your worth. You will come out surprised with the positive response to your efforts. If there happens to be no room at work for promotions or raises, start to think about looking for a place where those things exist. Otherwise, look over what is needed for your own business venture. There may be more options out there than you can currently see.

Strength Meaning - in Health

Your vitality and health should be robust and strong right now. This time is great for correcting negative habits, if necessary, to protect that good health. Beginning with smaller goals, such as daily walks, might lead you through your goals, which is stronger and healthier than your current state. It does get better.

Strength Meaning - in Finance

Money comes in positive cycles right now. Make sure you save some money, though it may be a small amount, and even though you have been skipping personal spoils for a while and feel it is desperately time to treat others or yourself. You might be actually preparing for a home purchase or other large item. Do not borrow any more than can be repaid comfortably.

Strength Meaning - in Spirituality

This time will very likely be a spiritual one for you, though you do not have any one close religious affiliation. For true strength, you need to develop and pay close attention to each element in the triad that is human: spirit, mind and body. Make sure you spend time on each part. This will be hardest when life seems difficult; if this card appears at a low point in your life, understand that things will turn around soon. The card reminds you that you have strength - more than you realise.

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