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Temperance (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Temperance (reversed)
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Temperance (reversed) Meaning - in General

The Temperance card when reversed indicates hypocrisy. You treat people unequally and judge them whilst thinking of yourself as perfect. You're not perfect and you need to remember that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. A work colleague or friend is trying to give you constructive criticism, but you're ignoring it. You need to start making changes in your life. This could be the perfect time to commence a new fitness program. Exercising outside will allow you to clear your thoughts whilst giving your body much needed energy.

Temperance (reversed) Meaning - in Love

If the Temperance card is reversed, you need to research the self - along with any relationships - and see if they are balanced. Review what is brought to you by others and what you might be offering them. Perhaps you think you deliver more than 100% to your partner while the other person does not deliver as much. Perhaps your partner views things in reverse and thinks you don't give as much! If, currently, you are searching for someone, and you get the reversed Temperance card, you might be alienating others by giving too much. Find your own security before trying to move forward. Another person is not meant to 'complete you'.

Temperance (reversed) Meaning - in Work

This is no time to go it alone if this card shows up in reverse. You will have to show yourself as part of the team. You will need to practice working harmoniously with others, though your duties might be performed best alone. Even though things might look like no one is noticing, those accomplishments are being viewed and will be recognised.

Temperance (reversed) Meaning - in Health

Whether reversed or not, the card serves as a reminder that moderation and balance are what is important for fulfilling, healthy lives. Look over your life to see if you are sleeping well, playing enough, eating well, working enough, and exercising enough. If there are current challenges to health when the card is reversed, there is some sort of imbalance somewhere. Find it and improve it to live a healthier life.

Temperance (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

If Temperance appears reversed in relation to finances, there will still be great balance between financial comings and goings. However, you need to avoid expecting others to hand you your worth or give you all you deserve. Gain courages, step up and ask those who have it to give it. The flow of money will go up.

Temperance (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

With this card in reverse, it is indicated that it will be immensely beneficial to you to find partners who will help you on the way to spiritual growth. You don't necessarily need to attend a regular church service, but church is a great way to fulfill your need. You can seek out spirituality in person, by reading some spiritual books, listening to spiritual tapes, or any other way you are comfortable. It is important, though, that you consistently renew the inner spiritual 'well'. Avoid trying to keep it full alone. Be sure to find some time for quiet reflection and relaxation.

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