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Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles Meaning - in General

The Ten of Pentacles in the upright position states that you have a lot to be thankful for. Your finances are either in a good position now, or they will be very soon. A sense of security is about to wash over you, meaning worries will dissipate. Close relationships are going very well and unexpected and pleasing news is not too far away. If you're single, a new and lasting relationship is on the horizon, thanks to your upbeat and confident demeanour. This is a time to be happy so don't waste it.

Ten of Pentacles Meaning - in Love

This card is a great sign in the world of love. If you have a love right now, you will step up - you will get engaged, get married, have a child, or some other big milestone. For some time, your relationship will probably be happy and peaceful. Make sure to live it up and let the other person know they mean a lot to you. If you are single, this card means new love is coming to you soon, and very fast.

Ten of Pentacles Meaning - in Work

A pay raise or improved position might come out of nowhere at work. You will like this very much. This card is also great to get if you want to get a job. That perfect position and that perfect pay are coming to you soon, but you need to keep up your efforts. Never give up. Life will get better for you soon.

Ten of Pentacles Meaning - in Health

Health is also very good right now. There will be a time when you feel great and happy regarding the future. Consider how to continue your excellent health.

Ten of Pentacles Meaning - in Finance

If this card comes to you, answers to your money questions will be quite positive. Money will be coming in much faster than in the past. You will be able to have more than enough. Save and invest.

Ten of Pentacles Meaning - in Spirituality

Now is a time of joy, prosperity and peace in your life. Consider how to share it all. Can you deepen yourself spiritually at all? Celebrate your happiness. Share your good feelings as well. Write them down for later review.

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