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The Chariot (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot (reversed)

The Chariot (reversed) Meaning - in General

If you get the Chariot card reversed, it could mean that this is an important time for reviewing many aspects of your life. Think of where you're going and why you're going there. You may feel that things aren't happening the way that you want. The Chariot card could also dictate that you need to slow down. You feel as if your mind is all over the place. If you're taking on too much and you feel stressed, you must change this before you do permanent damage to your health.

The Chariot (reversed) Meaning - in Love

When this card appears to you, it may be that you are assuming that you are beginning to get into a relationship with quite a special person and you feel the need for pushing forward quickly, or you might be feeling an urgency to leave a relationship. There is a large signal that either impulse needs to be tempered, especially if you are pushing too hard for that new relationship. Remember, waiting brings good things. Do not have fear in waiting.

The Chariot (reversed) Meaning - in Work

This reversed card might indicate your tendency to move too fast into something. Continue to believe in your ideas because they are great; stay enthusiastic. However, do not expect that others are operating as fast as you. Attempt to deliver your ideas in as many different ways as possible to make sure as many people as possible understand.

The Chariot (reversed) Meaning - in Health

You might currently be geared up to take some important steps in health improvement. This is great, but use caution. Do not move so fast through exercising that you make it counter productive. There is no reason to go from nothing to extreme workouts immediately. You will get hurt or begin something you can't finish. Move gradually.

The Chariot (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

At this time, there may be a well of energy within you to get things done and move your finances up. While this is perfectly acceptable, the reception of this card reversed might mean you need to back up. Take it slow. Gather more than one opinion regarding your plans. Remember that when a deal looks great, it may not be. Stay prudent.

The Chariot (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

If the chariot appears in reverse in a spiritual context, you might feel that, finally, you have found the spiritual answers you seek. While there is some truth to your new-found discoveries, the reversed card implies warning. Explore your new understandings, but think about it thoroughly before you invest in a new organization. Trust in the self before all others.

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