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The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot

The Chariot Meaning - in General

The Chariot card is a sign that you're an ambitious individual, though, goals will only be achieved when you show willpower. Chasing your dreams, no matter how bizarre, is the correct decision as this is the only way you'll take your life forward. Your skills will be tested to the absolute limit and you'll have to show real determination, otherwise your existence will continue to stagnate. Refusing to give up, showing focus and accepting that you have the same flaws as other people will allow you to complete any challenge that you set for yourself.

The Chariot Meaning - in Love

When the card appears in matters of love, possibly, you want to move forward too quickly or you are feeling pressure from someone to do just that. Either way, remember your preferences and boundaries, and continue in your honesty with the self regarding the possibilities. Communicate these clearly. If someone currently wants a relationship with you and you don't want one, be kind. Be honest and tell them directly that there is no interest on your end. The angst will be short term and will wear off eventually.

The Chariot Meaning - in Work

When it comes to work, it is essential to let go of small issues. Do not balloon them to be bigger than they really are. Someone in your work place may be working in direct opposition to you, whether they realise it or not. Look past this as well. Do your best work, and ignore how others might see you. If you are correct about this person working against you, it will come out eventually. Continue to feel ready and charged.

The Chariot Meaning - in Health

Overall, vitality is quite strong right now and there is plenty of energy coming from within. You will make great progress if you begin a plan for fitness. If you already have one, increase it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

The Chariot Meaning - in Finance

Generally, finances are going fine. You might be researching a transportation purchase - plane tickets to a dream vacation, or a new car - something in this area. Place priority on debts. If you discipline yourself, it can be done.

The Chariot Meaning - in Spirituality

There might be travel to areas that help you increase your spiritual awareness. Currently you are in a place where a lot is learned quickly in religious arenas. Do not be shy about attending talks and seminars in spiritual areas with which you are unfamiliar or which happen to fall outside your normal learning mode. You will benefit in unimaginable ways if you take the chance. Now is quite a profound period in time.

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