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The Devil (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil (reversed)
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The Devil (reversed) Meaning - in General

This card implies that you need to show more focus on where your life is headed. The Devil card in reverse may seem negative, but it isn't. You give much of your time to other people, which is a great quality, though, this will cause you to neglect your own well-being. People should be grateful for everything that you've done, so this is the time to move things forward in your own life. Although you need show a certain amount of self-control, you also need to start taking calculated risks if you want to fulfil your ambitions.

The Devil (reversed) Meaning - in Love

The reversed Devil might be indicative that some vague trouble is in your future, especially for your long-term relationship. Either one of you might be starting to feel trapped in this relationship. Soon, it will be time to talk it through, if you feel like salvaging this. This card reversed means less trouble than its upright counterpart, however. If it happens that you are looking when this card is drawn, take time to consider if you feel trapped in your single status. Strive to come to terms with the fact that you are single. Get to know yourself and get happy with your current life station. If it looks like you are trying too hard, potential loves will run the other way. Desperate, clingy people drive away healthy partners. Get out of this habit, if this is where you are. Think about not dating for a short period of time.

The Devil (reversed) Meaning - in Work

It is essential to remember right now that the reversed Devil card reminds us that nothing is secure. That job that seems as if it is secure not will not be this way forever. It might not be such a bad sign, however, knowledge and information are power. Understanding that there are options will put you in a mental place of power where you do not need to think you need to stay where you are due to protective security. There have been many recently who have watched benefits disappear due to others' judgements. While you must take control, your security can be found in the self, not from others. Remember, if you find yourself stuck in a job which doesn't please you due to security, you are making that choice. No one is forcing this on you. If this security is not worth it, start searching for something else. Find out how you can change. You are only trapped if you allow it. Remember, options always exist.

The Devil (reversed) Meaning - in Health

Stress levels, potentially, indicated by this reversed card are less serious than those indicated by the upright version. However, you still need to beware of becoming over-stressed, over tired and overworked. Try to exercise; this will help you. Anything else which brings you outside the self will also help. Try not to focus too closely on your issues. Remember, you are as tied - and restricted by - these health problems as you will allow. Strive for improvement, but don't beat yourself up due to any limitations.

The Devil (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

This card reversed holds nearly the same meaning as its upright partner. Your financial situation might become quite tight soon. It is essential that you do not grow to resent this - deal with it rationally and calmly. Move slowly. No matter the situation, it probably will be temporary. Do you need help? Ask right away. Help will always be there for you. If money is great when this card appears, you still need to use caution. Start saving now.

The Devil (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

When the Devil is reversed, positive mindset and attitude remains essential. If there is trouble holding on to a positive attitude, review who surrounds you. Are they positive? Do they help you feel better? Or are your closest friends fault finding, critical and cause you pain? Review this, then make changes where necessary. Attitudes will pass along to you. Remember, no matter what the situation may seem like, you are never trapped. Use your given freedom.

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