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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil

The Devil Meaning - in General

The Devil card implies temptation and distraction all around you. You have a powerful personality and the ability to achieve whatever you want. The sky literally is the limit. The only danger that you face is losing time because of indecision. Be aware of someone who'll enter your life with exciting, but false, promises, as this person will ultimately betray you. Learning to control your urges is important at this stage of your life. Allowing yourself to be tempted by so many things will only lead to feelings of emptiness and guilt.

The Devil Meaning - in Love

If, currently, you have a long term relationship, both or one of you might feel trapped. If you figure out that this has become the situation, try to figure out if you want to stay. Sometimes, this card will appear when you need to end the relationship. Remember that you possess choices. See if you can keep it going. If you are looking for love, this card might signal a desperate point for you. This attitude will certainly drive off possible lovers. If this is happening, think about taking a break from searching to learn more about yourself. Come back when you feel less intense about the situation.

The Devil Meaning - in Work

You probably feel a little trapped in your current job. You might hate the job, but you don't know how to leave. There is security there. Weigh up each option and trade-off. Honestly, very few benefits or jobs are secure. If, in the end, you keep job, know that the choice is yours. It was not forced on you. If, eventually, you think the job is not worth it, put yourself out there and consider what else you could do. The only time you are trapped is if you allow it to happen.

The Devil Meaning - in Health

Watch yourself right now. Be sure you are not over stressed, over tired or over worked. More exercise will be beneficial; so will any type of activity that provides focus. You need to concentrate on the issues of others rather than yours. If there happens to be chronic issues, do not make this your definition. You are built of more than these issues. Use the challenges for growth.

The Devil Meaning - in Finance

Finances might start to get tighter soon. Try to avoid resentment in this situation. Rather, approach it rationally and calmly. Move slowly. Do not be shy about asking for help if it is needed. It will always be there. If you currently feel flush, you still need some restraint - Save some money for later.

The Devil Meaning - in Spirituality

It is essential for you to maintain that positive mindset at this time. Positive affirmations, additionally, are essential and beneficial. Review who is around you. Make sure they are positive and upbeat people. Keep these types in your inner circle. Do you have fault-finding, critical people around you that cause you pain? Review those closest to you and clean house if necessary.

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