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The Emperor (reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Emperor (reversed)
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The Emperor (reversed) Meaning - in General

When the Emperor card is drawn in reverse, it points to a period of upset and turbulence. An older man, possibly dark-haired, might be causing you problems. Problems that will escalate, until a partnership is broken. Any troubles you encounter should be dealt with quickly, otherwise you will lose focus on significant projects. You may feel that you are losing control over something important to you. Is someone trying to weaken your position in the workplace? If so, remain calm and let them hang themselves.

The Emperor (reversed) Meaning - in Love

Organization, or a serious lack thereof, may become issues when an Emperor reversed appears during a reading. When you think of yourself as a methodical, orderly individual, you might fall for a person who does not value these things. If you are not in love with this person, it could happen soon. Think about how or where or how compromises might be made. If changes aren't made, the relationship will not work.

The Emperor (reversed) Meaning - in Work

The Emperor in reverse may indicate a disregard for formal or structured work at this time. However, there may be no other choice. Do your best to demonstrate the order and structure which the is required in the job, but be sure to allow yourself small breaks to help with coping when necessary.

The Emperor (reversed) Meaning - in Health

Again, the card reversed leads to a great need to gain outside advice. You need to be methodical, logical and orderly regarding health management and how you treat your body. An increase in self-discipline will be beneficial. If there is a struggle with an issue in health, insights might come when you take some time to note the symptoms, track their behaviour, then discover if something in life matches with your symptoms.

The Emperor (reversed) Meaning - in Finance

If you are struggling with finances when the Emperor reversed card is drawn, you might want to find assistance from the outside. Search for a person who succeeds in order, being methodical, and logic. This person needs to possess methods in dealing with cash flow, taxes, budgets, etc. You will not be able to afford to take dangerous risks if this card appears under the finances.

The Emperor (reversed) Meaning - in Spirituality

When the reversed Emperor is drawn, it may be a sign that a new spiritual advisor, (most likely an older male) is near. You must become careful if accepting any spiritual advice from “gurus.” There is no perfect human, and it is essential to listen to the inner intuition and voice despite what other people may say about the teacher or guru who is currently in, or may be entering, your life. Learn from the teacher, but avoid discarding the self during the process.

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