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The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

The Emperor

The Emperor Meaning - in General

The Emperor card represents the need for power and status. You have a clear mind when it comes to what you want out of life, and you're more than ready to crush anyone who gets in your way. You can easily achieve success in life, although, it will come at a cost. You'll become isolated due to being too intolerant to people who don't have the same beliefs as you. An older man, maybe a work colleague, can guide you and show you that understanding and humility is needed in life.

The Emperor Meaning - in Love

You may discover that you are falling hard for an older person. This person, most likely, will be attracted by logic, organization, and order. The attraction may or may not be mutual at first, but it will grow with persistence and patience.

The Emperor Meaning - in Work

Work is going very well. Your efforts are being noticed by the right people. Pay close attention to attributes such as logic, follow-through and organization. The results will be magnificent. If you seem to be searching for work, it is the time to become dispassionate. Step outside the self to consider how you are viewed by others in a logical light; play on any logical reasons as to why you should be hired. You are more likely to find success in the hunt if you approach it with a sustained, logical effort.

The Emperor Meaning - in Health

Trust in your personal right to have good health. Be as logical as possible regarding your body at this time. Discipline and order will help. If you have a personal health struggle, for example, track the symptoms, then discover if something in your current life matches the symptoms. Consider following a diet of elimination for food intolerances.

The Emperor Meaning - in Finance

The Emperor demonstrates a basic need for logic, order and discipline if you want your finances to work for you. The things to which we pay attention tend to grow in life. Do you treat your money respectfully? Do you have a grasp on how much there is, where it goes, and so on? Avoid focusing on lack of money right now, because that lack will grow. Pay close attention to what there is, and become the best controller of that amount possible.

The Emperor Meaning - in Spirituality

Make sure you find time to yourself to honour a deeper need for growth spiritually. Do not completely focus on the aspects of the left brain, such as reason, order and logic. Allow the right brain some input. Logic will lead your spirituality, if allowed, and when you do not become too sunk into the logic within. Meditation, coupled with discipline, will flow easier now when you create the effort and time.

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