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The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress
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The Empress Meaning - in General

The Empress card in the upright position is the card of pleasure. This doesn't imply that you are someone who only thinks of themselves. You will always seek pleasure from the most simple of things. Getting as much as you can out of life is very important to you - it is too short for feelings of indecision and dissatisfaction. Whether you're in a relationship or single, it is vital that a partner shares the same passions as you. It would be very unwise to give so much time and energy to someone who'll ultimately stifle your personality.

The Empress Meaning - in Love

This time is potent for love; you might find both sexes suddenly finding you much more attractive than before in terms of romance and friendship. You need to use caution, however, when using this power. It is quite potent. If this is a time between relationships for you, then true, honest love might be just down the road. A committed relationship at this time is deeper, truer and sweeter under the influence of the empress.

The Empress Meaning - in Work

Things are going great at work! Others find your ideas and passions inspirational. You ways of doing things are sought after. Allow the inner voice help you through your methods. The empress instructs us to go with bliss while all else follows.

The Empress Meaning - in Health

If you are trying to conceive, this card is a stellar sign that it may happen. If it is not time for pregnancy and parenting, you need to be extra careful. If there are any health issues at all, consider the issues from a new angle; what does your body say to you? Consider the addition of homoeopathic approaches to your general health.

The Empress Meaning - in Finance

This tarot card demonstrates a great time for investments. Listen to instincts regarding this. The money will be flowing into your pocket. In order to keep it that way, put out some of it to a cause or person you find important. Share the wealth.

The Empress Meaning - in Spirituality

Your intuition might be attempting to come through at this time. It is essential that you listen very closely to what it is saying. If this requires some time to yourself, though there are many others who seem to need your assistance, make the time. It will be the top priority. Listen to warnings and messages which come through right now. Listen to the inner voice.

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